31 Day Nail Challenge Day 24: Inspired by a book

Hello!  Today's theme is "Inspired by a Book."  This is one of the days that I had planned from the first days of this challenge.  I based it on the book "The Cat and the Hat" after seeing some flocking powder the exact color of Thing 1 & 2's hair at Michael's.  I'd never seen flocking powder nails before, so I was kind of sad when I got home and found out it has been done before.  Oh well!  They are still super cute, and perfect for Dr. Seuss!  I used Sinful Colors Why Not as the under color for the blue flocking powder, and Julep January for the red nail.  I love this and would wear it every day if it didn't seem so wildly impractical.

24 Days down, 7 to go!  Thanks for reading, and don't forget, there are still a few days to enter my giveaway.

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