31 Day Challenge Day 17: Glitter

Hello Everyone!  Today's theme is glitter nails.  I decided to try the triangle on the bottom of your nail thing because I've seen it around a lot and loooove it.  I really like this on my nails and will probably do this many more times.  I used Spoiled The Parking Meteor Has Expired for the base color and Finger Paints Art You Wondering for the glittery triangle.  The Parking Meteor Has Expired is black with a tiny, tiny, green micro shimmer that reminds me of the credits from The Matrix in certain lights.  The tiny, tiny green shimmer is the same color as the green in Art You Wondering and I thought they looked pretty good together.  :-)

17 Days Down, 14 to go!


  1. nice design! i love how the glitter complements the black, it's really subtle yet stunning at the same time (:

  2. Love the color!!! Go, go, go... ;o). Xoxo V.V.