31 Day Challenge Day 20: Water Marble

I think this is the messiest water marble I've ever done.  Nothing was working correctly last night.  I used a base color of Sally Hansen White On and then Pure Ice French Kiss, Julep Niecy, and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow for the colors in the marble.  Then I used Orly Matte top coat to mattify it.  I do like the matte effect on the marble.  My nails look really rubbery.  I really love water marbles when they turn out well.  This one bled a lot and I had problems with water droplets and the marble missing part of my finger and the base white shows though (how does that even happen??).  Anyway, even though these are incredibly messy and time consuming I still want to play more with it!  Maybe I'll try a dry marble next time.  :-)

 20 Days down 11 to go!  Don't forget to check out my giveaway posted a few days ago!  I may give it its own page up top to make it easier to find.

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