Teenage Dream Matte Glitter

Today's manicure is Sinful Colors Black on Black with OPI Teenage Dream in the bottom part of the nail and a matte top coat.  I think my matte top coat went bad?  Can that even happen?  It didn't work nearly as well as usual.  In theory I should have loved this, I love dark nail polish, I love Teenage Dream, when it works I love mattes and matte glitter...but this is super 'meh' for me.

I started at the bottom of the nail and just barely pulled the Teenage Dream up to about half way up the nail and let it get higher in some areas.  I like that part, I think it would be better with different colors though.

My order from Cult Nails's sale should be here tomorrow or the next day...so excited!  :-)


Giveaway winner picked...

...and emailed!  Jara, congratulations!  Please reply back to the email I sent within 48 hours or I will choose a new winner.




Julep is having an awesome giveaway

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31 Day Challenge Day 31!! Recreate your favorite challenge

Woohoo! It's day 31!  This has been so much fun, but I am definitely looking forward to going back to a 2-3 times a week posting schedule.  Today's challenge was to recreate our favorite challenge, and I chose to redo galaxy nails.  I really liked how mine came out the first time, but I wished I'd done a black background instead of the brownish one.  So, this time I used China Glaze Smoke and Ashes as the base instead of Orly Galaxy Girl.  I used all the same sponging colors and top coats: Sally Hansen White On & Mellow Yellow, Pure Ice French Kiss, Sinful Colors Forget Now, Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe, and Out the Door Holographic top coat.

As a comparison, here is the first one from earlier in the challenge:

And here is today's.

LOL, now that I see the black background I think the brownish-purple is more "realistic" looking as a galaxy. It's still pretty though, I think.

Be sure to check out Painting Outside the Lines' Facebook page for the other entries.  She'll be putting all the Day 31 pictures in an album and the one with the most "likes" will win the contest.  There are a lot of pretty manicures posted already!  :-)


31 Day Challenge Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

Hi Everyone!  I have been waiting to try this manicure for WEEKS! Fish egg nails!  The first tutorial I saw on it was the one MissJenFABULOUS did HERE, so that is the one I based this off of.  I used Sephora by OPI It's All About Me and Butter London Slapper for the under color, then Reflections microbeads.  I really like how this looks, I do think it looks much better in person than in pictures.  I have also learned for next time that you should set the beads and then NOT TOUCH THEM until they are fully dry.  I kept fiddling with them and by the time I took pictures (5 minutes later) I already had a few little holes.  :-(  It's not nearly as noticeable in real life as it is in the picture, but with macro focus you definitely pick up all the dead pixels.  All in all, this is a really fun manicure and I want to play with more of them!

I think between this and the flocking powder manicure I've decided I really like using different textures with my nails.  However, I am only giving this until tomorrow around 2PM before most of the beads are gone and I give up and pick the rest off .  We'll see.

30 days down, 1 to go!  This has been so fun, but I am looking forward to giving my nails (and poor dried out cuticles) a rest!


31 Day Challenge Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

I can't believe there are only 2 days left in this contest!! Today's theme was "inspired by the supernatural."  I decided to do a werewolf profile on my thumb, howling at a full moon.  I just did the werewolf on my natural nail because I thought if I did it against the same night sky gradient I did on the other fingers it wouldn't show up.  The werewolf profile kind of makes me laugh..he looks kind of like he has a beak.  But I love the gradient!  I FINALLY got the sponge gradient to work for me.  I used Essie Go Overboard, Pure Ice French Kiss, and OPI Yoga-ta Get this Blue for the gradient and then topped it with Out the Door holographic top coat for the stars.  I did the moon in Stripe Rite.

You can check out the other entries HERE, there are some really awesome ones!  :-)

Rainbow Honey Blogger Contest

I am pausing in the 31 Day Contest for a moment to post my entry for Rainbow Honey's blogger contest!  Rainbow Honey is an indie polish brand that has some AMAZING looking glitters.  I don't have any yet, but I have some of the newest collection on preorder, and maybe I'll be lucky enough to win one in this contest!  The  rules were to come up with a manicure inspired by My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.  Now, the 1986 My Little Pony Movie is one of my favorite childhood movies, but I'm not really up on the Friendship is Magic series other than having seen internet memes using it.  I Googled it looking for inspiration and came across this "Which little pony are you?" personality quiz from Hasbro's website.  I am Pinkie Pie!  Thus, I decided to base my manicure off of Pinkie Pie.

This is Pinkie Pie.

I used Sally Hansen Presto Pink as my base color/Pinkie Pie body.  Then I used China Glaze Ahoy for the tips/mane.  The balloons were done with dotting tools and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow/Zoya Jo.  

What do you think?  Pinkie Pie-y?  :-)

I believe Rainbow Honey will be posting all the contest entries on May 16, so when that is up I will add a link where you can go check out all the other My Little Pony manicures.  I can't wait to see the rest of them!