31 Day Challenge Day 18: Half Moons

Hello! Today's challenge was half moons. Half Moons are one of my favorite looks, but they tend to turn out wonky for me. I'm really bad at getting the paper reinforcement stickers centered on my nail and my nails are also tend to make it look less like a half moon and more like I just taped off the bottom third of the nail in a straight line. Regardless of having a perfect half moon, I still really like these. For today's I used Zoya Charla & Zuza. I had never used either one of these and really liked both of them. I only used 1 coat of each, and if I was wearing them on their own I would say Zuza needs 2 coats. I wanted it to stay light to have more of a contrast with Charla so I kept it at 1. I used a Milani silver glitter striping polish as an accent.

18 days down 13 to go!  I'm really excited about tomorrow's galaxy manicures!!  

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  1. I have both of these and I'm so tempted to do this!

    gorgeous mani! I Love Zoya man!