Greetings Nail Enthusiasts,

And welcome to my new blog!  My name is Kat, I'm a 26 year old wife, mother, and cube-dweller who has in the last year or two rediscovered my love of nail polish.  College and the first years of a new career/marriage/baby kind of sidelined my previous nail painting habits until one day I walked into a CVS on my lunch break and saw the new line of Sally Hansen HD nail polishes.  A side note about me—Ferrets are my spirit animal.  I make “nests” of things around the house.  I have hidey holes where I put important things so I won’t lose them (the problem being that there are too many of them I forget where I put them).  Above all, I have a deep, deep love of shiny things…so…the Sally Henson HD display called to me.  And BAM! I remembered how damn awesome nail polish is.  So here I am.  Until very recently I’d never done anything more complicated than layering, but I am starting to get into stamping and nail art.  Hopefully I will improve over these first few manicures I have to post.  :-)

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  1. Hahaha, I love the ferret thing! I do that too and then I have to search around for stuff.