"Vintage Fabric" Manicure

I had this manicure in mind the minute I saw Molly and Alyson in the Julep April Maven lineup.  Alyson is an almond colored creme and is not something I think I would ever wear on it's own, but as a base for stamping I really like it!  Unlike some of the other Julep polishes I've tried this one definitely needs two coats.  Then I stamped Molly over it using plate RA-109.  Then I used some french tip guides to do the tips.  I'm really happy with how this one turned out, it has kind of a vintage upholstery look about it.  My top coat bubbled horribly on a couple nails but it would up just contributing to the antique look so I'm ok with it.

Colors Used: Julep Molly and Alyson
Technique: Stamping
Purchased: Julep Maven.
Verdict on the colors: Alyson good as a base but wouldn't wear it on it's own.  Molly is pretty and stamped very well!