Pink Wednesday: A Dupe?

My Julep add-on (Niecy) arrived over the weekend, and when I set it on my end table I noticed it looked a lot like OPI's Strawberry Margarita which happened to also be sitting on my end table.

What do you think?

Here my index and ring fingers are painted with the OPI, the middle and pinky fingers are painted with the Julep.  Sorry for the total lack of clean up.  I was just swatching these and then taking it off to do something else.

So, dupes?  They were super close.  I think Strawberry Margarita has a tad more blue in it.  And I will say I like the application of Niecy better...this is 2 coats of each and you can see on my ring finger that Strawberry Margarita still has some thin spots.

Colors Used: Julep Niecy, OPI Strawberry Margarita
Technique: Quick 'n dirty painting
Purchased: VyVy's and through Julep Maven program
Verdict on the colors: Super similar!  Like application of Julep better.

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