So many sales lately! Nail Mail/Sally's Haul/Julep Maven

Holy nail polish, Batman!! Today wound up being a crazy eventful nail polish acquiring day.  My Julep Maven box for May arrived, one of my Zoya orders arrived, and I went to Sally's on my lunch break because it was the last day to use the buy 2 get one free discount as well as the last day on the $10 coupon I had.  NOW, before I show the pictures look at this breakdown:

Julep Maven box: FREE because I had 2 referrals
3 bottles Zoya: $16 with free shipping because I had a 1 free bottle coupon
Entire Sally's Haul: $27 after $10 off, 3 free polishes & Sally Beauty Club discount (saved $19)

So basically, everything in this picture cost me $43 and without coupons/referrals would have been $96.94.  Yay sales!!

Now individual pictures.  Here is my Julep Maven box for May.  If you haven't heard of the Maven program  it is an AWESOME nail polish of the month subscription.  I have a more in depth description HERE .  But it's $19.99 a month and you can get your first box for only $0.01 (yeah, a PENNY) by using discount code COLOR2012.  HERE is Julep's page where you take the style quiz to sign up.

This month I kept my It Girl Box, which came with Kylie (purple magnetic polish), Nessa (shimmery yellow), and Ashley (shimmery orange).  They all look like they'll be great for summer, I can't wait to try them! :-)

New Zoyas!  My first ones actually.  Super excited.  Colbie, Jo, and Kat (couldn't resist that one).  Zoya has a cool "Share the Love" program.  I got a free polish coupon just for opening an account and you get points that result in coupons for referring others.  If you don't already have an account it's definitely worth checking into HERE.

ORLY! Sweet Peacock, Bubbly Bombshell, Royal Navy, Fowl Play

China Glaze First Mate, For Audrey; Finger Paints Are You Blue?, Putty in my Hands, and Art You Wondering?.  Two of the Finger Paints aren't actually for me, but there will be more on that tomorrow. ;-)

So, that's my haul!  I think I'm going on a buying hiatus *except in the case of excellent sales for a little while.  Sales are so satisfying.

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