Nail Tattoos!

Today I have a nail tattoo manicure!  I saw these Big Ruby nail tattoos on another blog (I forget which one, they've been on several), and then when I saw the sea creature ones were on sale I had to buy them.  I used Essie Go Overboard as the base color.  Go Overboard is awesome.  It's a dark teal, it's a one coater, it is so freaking pretty.  I can't wait to use it as a stamping color.  Anyway.  My favorite of the nail tattoos were the little whales so that's what I decided to use.  I wish I had taken pictures of the tattoo pack to show before I cut them all up, but I shared the pack with my step daughter so it's all in pieces now.  But you get 1 sheet of normal fingernail sized tattoos then a sheet of special pinky and thumb/big toe sizes.  Application is the same as any other temporary tattoo: cut around the tattoo as close as you can so you get accurate placement, lay face down on your nail, press with wet cloth for 15 seconds, remove cardboard backing and voila!  Cute little whale on your nail.

I like the teal with the cream tattoos.

And I love this 'lil whale.

Overall I really like the Big Ruby nail tattoos and think it's a fun, easy way to give your nails that little je ne sais quoi.  I want to get the bird ones next but I think they are sold out right now.  But there are owls in that pack.  OWLS!

Colors Used: Essie Go Overboard
Technique: Used Big Ruby nail tattoos
Purchased: CVS, Bigruby.com
Verdict on the colors: Go Overboard = new favorite


  1. These are really cute. The whale especially is adorbs.

  2. OMG that whale is so freaking cute!!!

  3. Hey I totally nominated you for the Versatile blogger award :)
    Keep up the awesome work :)