31 Day Nail Challenge Day 9: Rainbow Nails

Hello!  Today is day 9 of the 31 day challenge, rainbow nails!  For this I decided to try my hand at freehanding with some acrylic paint.  Orly Rage is the base color, acrylic paint on top, then Out the Door holographic top coat.  My hand wasn't super steady for the rainbow, but I like it.  I went to Michaels to get the acrylic paint and wound up with a whole bunch of fun stuff to try out on my nails!  I especially can't wait for what I have planned for day 24: Inspired by a Book.  For now here is Day 9!

Looking at it on the computer screen now, I think the holographic top coat looks like bubbles in the paint instead of making the rainbow look shimmery.  Whoops.

9 Days down 22 to go!!