Water Marble

I decided to try a water marble this weekend!  It was a little more difficult than the tutorials make it look.  I got these little water drop marks in most of my nails...how do you prevent that??

Here are the colors I used:

I decided not to use tape because I figured "How much harder could it be to just clean the polish off my hand?"  And then this happened to my thumb and I reached for the tape.

The end results!  I used Northern Lights Holographic silver top coat on top.  I love it!!  As I was cleaning my cuticles I snagged some of the polish on my index finger.  I always seem to mess up at least 1 finger within 5 minutes of doing my nails.  Ugly index finger aside, I think it looks really pretty and is worth the mess!

Right hand...I think the pattern on my thumb looks like a butterfly.  It's my favorite finger this time.

Colors Used: Base color: Sally Hansen White On.  Marbling colors: China Glaze Blue Iguana and Make an Entrance, and Sinful Colors Why Not
Technique: Water Marbling
Purchased: CVS and Sally
Verdict on the colors: All turned out very well for the marbling, Blue Iguana lost it's glitter somewhere though.  I think next time I'll do 2 colors instead of 3.


  1. I like those colors together! Haha I also thought the same about not taping my fingers up the first time I tried it. Honestly, I dipped a finger with no tape the last time I did it just for fun! I know that sounds weird and I ended up redoing the entire nail but it looks really neat when you finger is covered in an awesome pattern! Am I the only one that does that?! Hahaha, probably!

  2. Thanks!! It did look really cool with the whole finger in a pattern, but it took me like an hour and a half to clean up!