Hunger Games Week Day 2

Day 2 of my Week of Hunger Games colors!  Today I used Fast Track and Harvest Moon.  My original plan was to use Harvest Moon to stamp over Fast Track, but it wasn't quite opaque enough for that (you can see where I tested it on my index finger in one of the pictures though.  EVERYTHING shows up in Macro mode!) so I decided to sponge the Harvest Moon onto the tips to make a gold gradient.

These first two are in natural, late afternoon sunlight.

I turned on the overhead light and adjusted the white balance for indoors for this one, and you can see the gold glints in Fast Track better.  And the test stamp. Fast Track is my new favorite neutral, it's so pretty.  Nude but with tiny tiny flecks of gold glitter.

Colors Used:  China Glaze Fast Track and Harvest Moon
Technique: Sponging
Purchased: Sally
Verdict on the colors: Have I met a China Glaze I don't love yet?  They're all freaking fantastic.

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