Julep Glitter

I went to visit my family last weekend and borrowed the nail polish my sister had brought with her!  She signed up for the Julep Maven program last month too and had Viola from her Bombshell box as well as Sephora by OPI To the Glitter End.  Viola is a deep, raisin colored creme polish.  I wasn't sure how the glitter would look layered over it, but I really liked it!

Colors Used: Julep Viola, Sephora by OPI To the Glitter End
Technique: Layering
Purchased: Borrowed from baby sister
Verdict on the colors: I like Julep's polishes, and this color was really pretty.  However, it wasn't super "me" so I'm okay with just borrowing it occasionally.  I think I might buy the Sephora one though.

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