Good Manicure/Bad Manicure

I'm really conflicted about my nails right now.  I painted them with Let's Talk by Sinful Colors, and I think it's probably the prettiest purple I own.  It's such a deep, rich, gorgeous purple.  Slightly shimmery, and just super pretty.  I didn't really want to do anything with it because it's so nice on it's own...but I was also bored and watching TV, so I put a layer of Electrify over it anyway.  The result was really cool.  At first I thought Electrify went on too think and you wouldn't be able to see any purple under it, but as it dried it kind of melted into it to where at certain angles all you can see is purple like you're looking through the glitter.  Then up close you can see all the gold and red glitter.  I really like it.


I painted my nails at night and lately have been waiting to take pictures until the following day after work so that I have some sunlight.  Usually I manage to keep it chip free and fresh looking at least that long.  Not so with this.  Even with 2 coats of Anti-Chip top coat this started chipping and showing tip wear within hours of me painting them.  Seriously, before I went to bed I had an inexplicable chip in my index finger.  I debated even taking pictures of it because by the time I got home it looked 4 days old instead of less than 24 hours.  But I still really liked the combination, and also wanted to show the level of wear after one day as part of the review.

None of these pictures accurately capture the purple BTW.  I have a feeling my brand spanking new camera needs to go back...I also went to take these pictures and suddenly the colors aren't reflecting right, the preview thing on the LCD isn't working, and it's having trouble focusing (not in Macro mode though, yay!)  So yeah.  But here it is!!

Look at that chip!  What the hell, Batman?

Colors Used: Sinful Colors Let's Talk, China Glaze Electrify
Technique: Layered
Purchased: Sally & Target
Verdict on the colors: Let's Talk is SO PRETTY, but holy chipping!!


  1. Love the glitter on that pretty color! You have lovely pics on your blog! :D

    ~ Yun

  2. I love it! Great combination of colours. Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

  3. I LOVE this combination, so vibrant and colorful! Sorry about your camera woes, have you tried messing around with the white balance settings? Sometimes that helps straighten the colors out...

    1. Thanks! I did try playing with the white balance but that didn't work. At the same time the colors went screwy though, the last picture display on the LCD went out, it stopped having a preview at all of any of the pictures I'd just taken, and it started having trouble focusing in any mode other than macro. Since it was a 2 week old camera it is going back! So I'm back using my old camera for a bit.