Here is my first Capitol Colors manicure!  The day after I brought them home I did a quick swipe of all of them over my nails, and decided from that I wanted to use Dress Me Up and Stone Cold together.  I love the look of glossy/matte combos, so I wanted to do something there.  First, here is a swatch of Dress Me Up.  I love this one, it's neutral and elegant looking without being boring.  It's a little pinker than this picture shows, I think I would call it a dusty rose.

Aaaaand here it is with Stone Cold stamped over it!  I used a BM20 plate, and as many, many other bloggers have pointed out, the first set of Bundle Monster plates have smaller "whole nail" images that don't really provide full nail coverage.  In this case, I think the fast drying matte polish also contributed to the stamp not stamping the entire way.  On my smaller nails the stamp is definitely big enough, but even moving quickly it was dry by the time I stamped.  It was a little like if you took a roll of corrector tape and tried to use that to stripe your nail.  Despite that, I really like this manicure and I LOVE the way these two colors play together.

Colors Used: China Glaze Dress Me Up and Stone Cold
Technique: BM20
Purchased: Sally
Verdict on the colors: Love both of them.  I think Stone Cold might be my new favorite.  My finger nail looks like it's made of smooth asphalt.  Love love love.

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