Happy St Patrick's Day (what's left of it)

Sorry this first picture is all kinds of out of focus, I thought I was transferring the in focus one from my SD card and didn't realize I'd grabbed the wrong one until I deleted the other.  :-/  This is actually the 2nd St Patty's manicure I did.  The first was a white, green, and gold argyle one but it was so uneven I just took it off and started over.  I really liked how this one turned out for the most part.  The dark green underneath made the white tips turn pale green, so it's very festive for today.

Also, I got a new camera today!  The super macro mode is excellent.

Happy St Patrick's Day!! Who's drinking a green beer?  :-)

Colors Used: Sinful Colors San Francisco, Sally Hansen White On and Golden-1
Technique: Stamping, tip strips
Purchased: Walgreens (SC), Kroger (SH)
Verdict on the colors: Love San Francisco.  Not fond of White On...need to find a new basic white.

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