Hunger Games Week: Day 5

I'm so mad at how this turned out, but I'm posting it anyway.  The entire week, this had been my plan for Friday...I wanted to do a water marble with Smoke and Ashes & Riveting, hoping it would look kind of abstractly like fire.  These were not ideal water marble polishes though.  They dried SO. FAST. in the water, when I dragged my toothpick through the water the color layers separated and let water in the middle which diluted the pigment (really evident in my ring finger).  So there weren't many good places to put my finger in the water.  Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed in this, but here it is.  The upside is I taped my fingers correctly this time so clean up was much better than my last water marble.  :-)

See the tip of the ring finger?  That's where the layers separated.  I also got flecks of black in the orange for some reason.  Smoke and Ashes just went POOF in the water and went all over.

Again, my right hand turned out better than my left.  Again.  The hell?

I suppose the upside of not seeing The Hunger Games until tomorrow night is that I have another chance to do a fire-y manicure!

Colors Used: China Glaze Riveting & Smoke and Ashes
Technique: water marble
Purchased: Sally
Verdict on the colors: NOT FOR WATER MARBLE >.<


  1. I can totally see what you were going for! It's a nice take on abstract fire. I like it.

  2. I think this turned out lovely! Riveting & Smoke and Ashes go well together! :D

    ~ Yun