Tape Manicure/First Julep Box

I didn't take pictures of my first Julep Maven box, but February's "It Girl" box came with Rachel, Oscar, and Elizabeth.  I'd never tried the Julep brand before, but the deal on the Maven boxes is amazing and was the perfect opportunity to try!  I love them.  I decided to try a tape manicure with Rachel and Elizabeth.  Rachel is SO pretty.  I took probably 50 pictures trying to capture how shimmery and deep the color is and still don't feel like I adequately captured it.  It really is beautiful in real life. 

This one is way over exposed, but you kind of get more of the glimmery-ness of Rachel here.

I really liked this manicure.  I got multiple compliments about it at work and even a referral credit for Julep out of it. 


Colors Used:  Julep Rachel and Julep Elizabeth
Technique: Taping
Purchased: Through the Julep Maven program (disclaimer: not being paid by Julep).  If interested you can find out about the Julep Maven program HERE And use discount code COLOR2012 to get your first box for only $0.01

Verdict on the colors: LOVE both of them!  I really like the Julep formula, it's so smooth and the colors are really vibrant.  I used 2 coats of Rachel, but both are already pretty opaque in 1 coat.  I want to try stamping with them.

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