Dotty Flower Manicure and OMG I HAVE A MATTE

Last weekend my sister discovered that one of the new Spoiled polishes I'd picked up was...a MATTE!  I was super excited, I love all the matte polish pictures online and they are high on my list of WANTS.  I found Seche Natural at the CVS by my house and had been hoping it would work as a matte top coat, but alas it does not.  I decided to use it as a base for my first dot manicure effort.  I was hoping I would be awesome at this from the get go and could use this as a submission in the Chalkboard Nails dotting contest, but...no.  I'm not displeased with it for my first try, but definitely want to practice before the March 5 deadline.  Here it is!

Spoiled Distant Memory.  I would say this is actually "matte-ish."  Is still has a little sheen, but is much less glossy than a regular polish.  The finish is almost plastic-like.  You can still see some of the micro glitter flecks in it, even with the less than glossy finish.  It's very pretty, and I love teal shades!

And the dotty flower manicure:  This has a top coat over it, you can see the difference in finishes on Distant Memory.  I like it with a top coat too!
I meant for these to be 3 petal flowers...it's a less defined than I was going for.  I think it's still cute!

My husband and I are currently redoing out living room and den, so naturally 30 minutes after I finished this I went to bring cans of paint in from the car and smudged my flowers all to hell.  This did teach me that you want FLAT dots though.


Colors Used:  Spoiled Distant Memory (base), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and Hot Magenta (spots).  I used 2 coats of Distant Memory, but it was pretty thick with 1.  Making mental note to try it with stamping.
Technique: Dotting tool
Purchased: I got Spoiled at CVS, and Sally Hansen's from CVS or Kroger.  I know those are super common, but whenever I see colors I like on a blog I always wonder where they got them (for less common brands) so I decided just to make it a regular part of mine.

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